Change of Name


Netoil Capital Ltd. announces that it has changed its name to
J.P. Kenny Resources Ltd. Netoil Capital Ltd has formally changed name to J.P. Kenny Resources to better reflect activities in the company.

The Company has recently secured a 51% interest in a new venture. The Minas do Lúrio Gold Project offers a low-risk investment
 opportunity into the development of a new
previously unrecognised gold exploration and mining destination in north eastern
Mozambique. The project is based on the occurrence of surficial alluvial and eluvial
gold and shallow bedrock mineralisation.

The project represents an ideal opportunity to fast track low cost production of alluvial gold using the company’s own processing
 plant for early cash generation while, ongoing exploration activities further define
 the resources of bedrock-hosted lode gold mineralisation targets.

The change is effective as of 21 November 2022.

Contact: Nils N. Trulsvik
tel: +47 41608667

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